History of the Mostbet casino or how people learned to count cards

If you didn’t know, we live in the 43rd year of the Thorp era. This man had such a significant influence on the game of Mostbet casino and the entire gambling industry that I seriously consider erecting a monument during his lifetime, moreover at the cost of the casino.

As a young scientist, Edward O. Thorp regularly read mathematical journals. As a student, he was in a hurry when he got money. The idea of ​​outperforming the casino on a computational basis intrigued Thorp, and he decided to test the results of the “outstanding four” and see what would happen. The result of his run is an extraordinary book, Beat The Dealer, and now his sales are approaching a million models.

Thorp chose a different path – he didn’t do analytical calculations. Still, with the powerful IBM calculators at the time (also known as mainframes), he wrote some programs on Fortran, creating entirely original methods for the 60s. By the way, Thorp and his research instructor Claude Elwood Shannon, a great scientist, also engaged in solving the “doing” problem. To beat the roulette wheel?” From his calculations, Thorp realized that dead cards significantly impact a player’s chances in one way or another. His main idea is to memorize finished cards in a somewhat simplified form, and when the situation is in the player’s favor, bet high. By the way, this system is still the basis of all Mostbet casino counting methods and techniques.

The counting system introduced by Thorp is quite complex to use in real casinos, requiring intense concentration and a large number of mental operations. However, with good training, everything is possible in its application. Thorp’s book became an instant hit and bestseller. Everyone understands that with pretty simple actions, you can get an edge. Every reader dreams of big prizes. However, the casinos also know the odds.

They panic. And in 1962, after Thorp’s book, all the casinos in Las Vegas, without exception, changed their rules for fear of a massive wave of “system players.”The quality of the regulations could be better, and no counting system can help you win. Although the effect of the casino turned out to be quite unpredictable and vice versa – people stopped playing Mostbet. And within a few months, all casinos had to revert to the old rules to survive.

Thorp’s book causes another interesting effect – the incredible popularity of Mostbet surpasses even America’s favorite dice game. After reading the book, many saw themselves as potential winners and flocked to the Mostbet tables. However, most of the children need a better understanding of the mathematical principles of the game, so they are not the winners, but vice versa. As a result, the casino gains more customers and loses more customers. Since then, their number has only increased.